ALPINE Ear Plugs with Filter


Ear Plugs with Filter

PP: € 17.50 Expo for 18 pcs
Products in the Netherlands
6 models
Each with specific characteristics

Why choose Alpine caps?

  • Hearing damage is irreversible
  • Excessive noise can cause the following problems:
    • Deafness
    • Fatigue
    • Concentration loss
    • Hypertension
    • Stress
    • Headache
  • Made with Alpine Acoustic Filters, they absorb harmful noises while leaving the music, speech and ambient sounds sufficiently audible.
  • The Alpine Thermo Shape is an extremely comfortable material that is softened by body heat and takes the form of any ear canal
  • The material (ATS) is hypoallergenic and does not contain silicone
  • The model is of revolutionary quality and form

SleepSoft® Sleep Quiet: SleepSoft stoppers absorb ambient noise and snoring. The door bell or the alarm clock can still be heard. The caps and filters are made of a soft and extremely comfortable material during sleep. They are also perfect for those sleeping on their sides

  • Easy to shorten if necessary
  • With Alpine cleaning brush
  • The only sleeping caps with soft filters
Alpine Ear Plugs with Filter

PartyPlug ™ Party Caps . PartyPlug plugs absorb too much music and prevent ringing in the ears when going out, during concerts, festivals and other musical events. The musical experience and the quality of listening remains excellent and you are still able to hear conversations.

  • Transparent
  • Invisible in the ear
  • Music quality 100% guaranteed
  • With comfortable Alpine minibox
  • Super comfortable
Alpine Ear Plugs with Filter

FlyFit® Travel Form . FlyFit caps prevent sudden changes in pressure and pain in the ears during flights. The annoying ambient noise is absorbed during each journey by plane, train or bus allowing you to reach the destination well rested. The soft filters provide unique comfort and wearability.

  • Long lasting
  • With Alpine cleaning brush
  • The speech remains audible
  • The only air caps with soft filters
  • Easy to shorten if necessary
Alpine Ear Plugs with Filter

SwimSafe ™ Safe Swim . SwimSafe caps protect your ears from water while swimming, showering or during water sports. Perfect in case of ear infections or when you want to prevent them. Special filters allow speech and ambient sounds to be perfectly heard.

  • Floating
  • Keep the water out, let the sounds come in
  • Protect from the cold wind
  • With comfortable Alpine minibox
  • They prevent the "surfer's ear" and "the swimmer's ear"
Alpine Ear Plugs with Filter

Pluggies Kids® Children's Caps . Pluggies Kids caps are specially designed to protect children's delicate ears from harmful noise, loud music and water. The soft and comfortable material makes them perfect on many occasions and suitable for ages 3 to 12 years.

  • They prevent hearing loss
  • Allow better concentration at school
  • 6 fun free stickers
  • Conversations remain audible
  • Hypoallergenic
Alpine Ear Plugs with Filter

WorkSafe ™ Work Safe . WorkSafe stoppers protect your ears from annoying and harmful noise during work or housework. The alarm sounds and conversations remain sufficiently audible. Perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts but also suitable for work.

  • They prevent hearing loss
  • Easy to insert and remove thanks to the elongated stem Can be worn all day without fatigue
  • With cord for transport
Alpine Ear Plugs with Filter

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