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T&A was founded in 2009 and is specialised in the distribution of medical, paramedical and cosmetic products.

T&A is a union of synergies; Product marketing, product sales and product development combined in a single working group. From this union of strength, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, T&A a young company with a background to be envied.

T&A, for Italy and for Europe, is the exclusive owner of trademarks, and also has the exclusive license for other interesting products to be marketed with excellent opportunities to acquire market share both in pharmacies and supermarkets.

T&A also has the background to provide managerial assistance to Pharmaceutical Companies with variable and non-fixed costs.

One of the products we own is Narcontrol which is unique worldwide, exclusively produced under the T&A brand, enabling immediate and discreet control over possible drug use, detecting its presence even on solid surfaces (glasses, watches, chains, etc.) that come into contact with the person without having to resort to complex and costly medical analysis.

Sales Concessions:

Rushinlove: RUSH PHARMA srl is an Italian company that formulates and distributes food supplements notified to the Ministry of Health and complying with current Italian and European Community legislation to protect the health and correct information of citizens. Supplements are ethically compatible and nutrition-friendly: vegan and gluten free. Lovespresso is an Italian company specializing in the production and distribution of coffee, soluble drinks, tea and herbal teas, all in capsules compatible with the most popular systems such as Nespresso *, Lavazza > *, Sweet Taste * and Caffitaly *. It is also exclusive LineaZen, coffee and ginger herbs

From the union of these Italian realities, RUSHINLOVE is born that creates a line of innovative products by combining the substance of integrators with the form of coffee.


The main customers of T&A are followed directly through a capillary network of Agents covering almost the whole of Italy and, if necessary, regional distributors for the Pharmacy / Paraphernalia / Sanitary / Herbalist / Bio Drugstores acting through their agency network.


Currently T&A has developed contacts for selling its products in Great Britain, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain. Recently, using the advice of Morgan & Morgan, Panama City, has started contact marketing in central and southern America located in northern Panama, visited annually by hundreds of thousands of operators and which is the ideal commercial bridge not only for all of South America but for the whole world.


The intuition of two pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, each with a strong capacity and sectoral diversity, to provide managerial assistance with variable and non-fixed costs to Pharmaceutical Companies.

T&A It deals with Selecting Agents, Forming a Sales Network in Italy or only in certain Regions, following the requests and typologies of candidates dictated by Companies and being reworked in the best prospects from our company.

From the Cosmetic field rather than Medicale to Pharmaceutical and to all types that are gravitating to the pharmacy world, T&A finds the solution thanks to a database where there is an upstream preselection of 850 agents and 550 Informers by category and by selection in Italy.

The realization time of a complete network of 42/54 items, depending on the type of business and the absorption from the markets we are considering, varies from 4 to 6 months.

The company's lead is to define appropriate strategies for the company that asks for it, suggesting and sharing the entire path, seeking products tailored to the demands and developing partners, based on the needs of the pharmaceutical market, suggesting outsiders , production companies and whatever else is needed for the realization, from the preliminary study, to the subsequent placing on the market.

T&A eliminates fixed fixed business costs by making them variable for managment jobs such as: Sales Director, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager.

Next to the daily lives of agents who are part of the business networks by doing the Tutor or the Capo Area with two / three top-level professional figures that relate to and attain the goals set in the Start Up phase. >

It uses specialized partners that follow every productive development from the regulatory to the finished product, and suggests and shares the formulations together with our specialists by name and on behalf of the company that requested it.

In March 2015, the network of Venditori Italia in Farmacia of the well-known pharmaceutical company Campana was established, which had no pharmacy agents and saw us being engaged in the selection of candidates until the establishment of the network.

In July and September 2015 we procured and suggested a meeting between Pharmaceutical Companies, from which a strong partnership was born, which continues and will continue for the next few years on some common and innovative projects.

From March to December 2016 we have been committed to building a sales network for a renowned French Dermocosmetic company.

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