Petit Zèbre Organic Baby Food

Petit Zèbre Organic Baby Food

A great mix of Fruit and Veggies supply your babies and Toddlers with essential vitamins, perform various functions in baby's body and is the key for baby's growth and development.

Product Benefits

  • 100 % Food: Petit Zèbre Organic Baby Food is made with 100% Fruit and Vegetables and 0% Water. This is very important point since it is the key difference between our products and other producers who use 30-40% fruit and vegetables and the rest is Water.
  • Health & Safety Certified 100% organic and NO sugar, preservatives, colorings, stabilizers, GMO, flavor enhancers, salt and , artificial additives are allowed in our healthy and nutritious baby food.
  • Highest international quality standards: European Bio Certificate, IFS manufacture standard, BRC ... as well as the strict standards set by the EU’s organic programs.
  • Tasty and delicious: Unique recipes developed by our experts in baby nutrition have delicious taste, fresh flavor and attractive natural fragrance, stimulating Baby's tastes to eat with joy and excitement.
  • High nutrient value: Our healthy and balanced recipes with the best quality ingredients provide important vitamins, fiber, and minerals and useful composition for the baby's proper development.
  • Wide variety: Large choice of fruits, vegetables and cereals to nourish baby with healthy and appealing meals
  • Petit Zèbre’s funny stories: Excellent packaging designs with lovely petit zèbre images as well as nice story and cartoon film, making appearance of petit zèbre’s organic baby food so attractive, playful and fun, creating an exciting eating experience for baby.


  • Innovative pouch packaging: Once blended at the optimum temperature, our flavourful purees are transferred into the pouches without coming into contact with air. Our clever pouches are hermetically sealed to make sure they’re free from bacteria and germs.
  • New fruit steaming technology: keeps natural taste, flavour and all useful vitamins and microelements. Petit Zèbre pouches have a special three-layer construction to make sure no oxygen can get in, assuring food always tastes fresh and delicious.

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